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“celestialhumanoid, as Pluto spends his first full day in retrograde motion in your sign there is a need to stay in the moment, for not only has a lot of your focus just shifted to the past, but this is the day that any personal and/or relationship tensions are likely to start to bite. The less you react and the more you simply pay attention to what might be pushing your buttons and why, the easier it will be to see what this is really telling you, aware that you can’t change what you can’t see.”

love this horoscope!!! 

"Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look."

- Marina Abramović (via parkavenuearmory)

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just trying to raise #consciousness and #awareness with my silly little iphone #notes

126 by Les-Piccolo
um who is that standing in front of the flower of life and why is he so cute
this meaning of the reversed position of 2 of wands means a lot 2 me and i feel like it is a theme to a certain major issue in my life.  it is exciting 2 me tho becuz the fog is clearing and i WANT to change and i am WILLING to change.  it’s funny that in the past i wanted to change but i was never willing to.  i feel like a lot of people do that.  anyway the definition is via my fave tarot definition site www.biddytarot.com

"The Two of Wands reversed suggests that you need to start organising your long-term goals and prioritising what is important to you and what you really want to achieve. At the moment, it may seem that you want so many things but you have not thought these through enough to make them a reality. Start at the beginning again and meditate on what is important to you and what motivates and drives you. Look at where your passions are, and then start planning how you will achieve these goals.
You may also be afraid to step out into unknown territories, despite the huge growth potential, instead preferring to stay with what is familiar to you. The trouble is your growth is current being stunted in your present environment and your world has become too small for you. It is time to bring your attention back to your original goal and understand the beneficial impact of taking a risk and stepping out into the bigger world around you.
The reversed Two of Wands can also indicate that you have overlooked some important details related to your plan for the future. You may have been moving full steam ahead but have recently hit a roadblock due to lack of planning. You may also be over-confident about your success, overlooking the things that matter most. Or, you may be losing your passion associated with your goal and are becoming easily bored and demotivated. It is essential that you re-ignite that passion, or start again with something you feel more inspired about.”

EDIT: whooaaa!!! just noticed that reversed this card shows root chakra to the 7th crown chakra, in order.   i am very in tune with my upper chakras and always very underactive on my lower chakras!  this is just further evidence that i need to work on my lower chakras much more!



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I made a new pouch. It’s made out of astronomy material I had left over from a denim vest.

Grimes shot by Rene Vaile and styled by Mark Vassallo for Oyster Magazine
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